time spent on entire e-course?

Greetings, all, from a real newbie

I'm working on a state-mandated "divorce course".  Part of the specs are that the course is to be 4 hours in length.  I've looked at the timer on the quiz questions, but is there a way to track the time that the user spends on the entire course?  I know that timing like this is fraught with opportunities to get around it, but it would still be something for us to consider, at least for testing issues.


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Kevin Thorn

Hi Judith, and welcome!

While you are correct that you can track the overall time on the quiz, there's no current default method in Storyline for tracking the entire time someone spends in a course.

However, if you are running your course through an LMS it will have (should have) a variety of metrics such as the date/time a learner started, attempts, duration per attempt, completed, total duration for all attempts, etc.

If you are not running through an LMS and just on a web server it can be done but will require additional programming external to Stroyline.

Does that answer your question?