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Mar 08, 2018


We have a requirement for a learner to receive 'credit' for a course they must have spent or accumulated a certain amount of time in the course to get this credit. Say, they need to spend 1.5 hours to receive a credit. Once they start a 2 hour course or video, they must have spent 1.5 hours for the credit to be approved. If they leave, and come back, then they must know how much time they have remaining.

We are working with an LMS to be able to track and notify the user of the time they are in and out of a course, but I wanted to ask, if I have to put these videos into 360, is there anything should I do to prep the video for this requirement?



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard


Tracking the overall time spent in a course is something I'd defer to your LMS team for! They'll be able to track when a user logs in and starts a course and then when they end. If you're looking to restrict their navigation throughout a course or a video, there are some things that you could look at using in Storyline. 

First, I'd look at the options here to restrict/lock overall course navigation. 

Next, you can include a seekbar in the player that is set to read-only, and set the slide timeline to match that of your video. This way users will know how long they have on each slide, but they won't' be able to fast forward.

Last, depending on how you're inserting the video, a user may be able to click on it to pause/play (won't help them out time wise, but at least in a learners mind they don't have to watch the video!) so I'd look at placing a transparent shape or a hotspot over the top of the video. That way they won't' be able to click on it. 

Hope that helps! 

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