Timed event

Hi All,

I have the following scenario:

Object "A" appears on a slide with a hotspot

Object "B" appears on the slide with its own hotspot when the hotspot from object "A" has been clicked

Object "C" appears on the slide when the hotspot from object "B" has been clicked

so far so good, so here's my question is it possible to create a delayed timed event to make object D appear once object "C" is displayed?

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Brent Daviau

Hi Paul,

There are two ways you could go about doing this off the top of my head.

A: Create a layer that appears when state of "C" changes and then move object "D" along the timeline based on how long you want the delay to be.


B: If you do not want to involve layers, create any object, move it off the slide completely so it is not visible when previewing, then add a motion path to it. Adjust the animation time to what you want the delay time to be. Add a trigger to move the object on that motion path when state of "C" changes. Finally add a trigger to change the state of "D" to normal when animation (motion path) completes.

Hope this helps!