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Amy Conboy

Hi, is there any update on this?

I am also having the same issue. The result slide only takes into account the question slides that have been viewed up to the point the quiz times out and gives the pass rate off this, even though the quiz still has multiple questions left. I want it to record the questions that the student hasn't accessed yet as wrong to give an accurate overall result. 

Any help would be appreciated. 

Thanks, Amy

Alyssa Gomez

Great question, Amy! What version of Storyline are you using?

I created a sample file in Storyline 360 with 4 quiz questions and a quiz timer. I previewed the quiz, answered 2 of 4 questions, and then let the timer run out. Once I reached the result slide, I got a score of 50%. 

It sounds like it's not working the same way in your file. Would you mind sharing your file with me here so I can take a closer look at it!?