Timed quiz game scoring - variable help

Hi friends,

I searched for a template to modify but I couldn't find quite the right one so I'm building a timed game/quiz from scratch.


Game: 9 bioxes cover a pic and are taken away one-by-one. A user has to identify what the picture is of. (Note: some of the stuff is proprietary all the company specific stuff and threw a random safety poster pic I had in its place.) The faster they do it, the more points they get. The points are on a countdown clock. If they answer incorrectly, I was going to have the points subtracted from their score but I'm spending so much time building this thing that I'll prob edit it just to be 0 points for incorrectly answered ?s.


Problem: I have the points and everything working but I'm struggling with the person's total score. I'm doing something wrong but I'm not exactly sure what,.


Note: I only have the green easy/difficulty button linked yet so don't try the hard one. The hard one will be the same premise but either quicker or smaller boxes.

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