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Emily Ruby

Hello Chris,

 I want to make sure you are using the latest update for Storyline. We are on Update 6. There was a fix for this issue in this update.

  • Fixed issue where learners could continue taking a quiz after the timer expired

If you are referring to something different, or if you installed the update and still have the issue, could you attach the file so we can look at it for you?

Thank you!

Chris Fletcher

Hi Emily, we're not using the latest version yet as it has not been tested and passed by our IT department. I think we are still a month or so away from getting it.

Thanks to everyone else for your suggestions. The issue is that there are 4 questions and I want a 2 minute timeline for the whole thing. I guess I could give 30 seconds to each question and move on as the timeline ends though, that's a good idea...