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Aug 31, 2016

Hello everyone,
After a few searches I can not find answers to my question.

Do you have an idea of ​​how in one click I can put the timeline 10s

I am often annoyed and I have the wound by hand

Thank you for your help
François M

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Ron Price

I am not sure about one click, but I think I understand your dilemma.  The issue that a lot of people encounter is that they have added something to a slide(audio) that extended the timeline of the slide.  If that Audio is deleted or edited then the timeline of slide stays at the longer length.  This can be frustrating to adjust by clicking on the ruler at the end of the timeline and dragging it to the left until you reach the time you want.

Here is a tip that may help.  As you are dragging the end of the timeline on the ruler, press your left arrow key.  This will move the length of the slide to smallest time possible.  Keep in mind, if you have item on the timeline with specific time lengths, you will not be able to move past those, since Storyline will honor any custom times you created on an object.

François Michot

Sorry my english is not so good and I think you misunderstood my request. When I finish a slide, I have to bring back the end of this slide which is very far away on the timeline. Maybe this is due to the sound that I have imported… I would like to know if it is possible to indicate the place where I want the timeline to end…

Wendy Farmer

Hi Francois

the timeline will always be the length of your longest element on the slide. If you copy paste something from one slide to another and your original timeline was 5 secs and the new object is 10 secs the timeline will shoot out to 10 secs. 

To answer your question there is currently no option to set the timeline to xx secs - you have to manually grab the end of the timeline and drag it back to where you want it.

Walt Hamilton


There is certainly something amiss. I think the slide is somehow corrupted, but importing it into another presentation did not fix it, nor did copying all items and pasting them into a new slide. Usually one of those actions will repair slide corruption.

I did find that if you select the items, you can set their timing. Giving them a start time other than 0 and a duration causes them to reappear on the timeline, but unless you have the timing recorded, may mess up the slide.

After you bring them  all back to visibility, the end of the timeline can be dragged. Even if you drag it back to 211, it will show out to 147,000 until you save and reopen.

I have no clue what caused the problem.

Michael Hales

Just had this happen in a Storyline 2 project.  Timeline extended out to 6,240 sec.  Should only have been 18 sec.  Working to manually drag the timeline back is a pain and big use of valuable time.   But, I am happy to report that Ron's tip worked perfectly in less than a second.  Saved me a lot of hassle.  Thanks Ron.

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