Timeline and Button States

I have a slide with multiple buttons. Standard state = green. Visited state = gray. The buttons appear after 5 seconds of narration. When I come back to the same slide, set for initial state, any gray/visited buttons show up at the beginning and then the green/standard-state buttons show up at the proper 5-second mark. Does anyone know why the visited buttons do not follow their regular timing in the timeline? Does anyone know how I can get the visited buttons to show up at the 5-second mark with the other buttons like they're supposed to?

Thanks in advance!

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Michael Hinze

Keith, I think you need to control your buttons by an offstage object, rather than having them be displayed when the timeline starts. See this example here. I updated an old file I had with some audio for the main menu. Then I added an offstage object that starts at 5 sec, which either shows the normal state of a button (aka section has not been completed yet) or its "complete" state. This way, the buttons are consistently displayed at 5 sec into the audio AND shown in their correct states. Hope that's what you wanted