Timeline and video - how does it work?

Hi all,

I'm curious as to how the connection with the timeline and a video works. I've noticed that in most cases I can use the timeline to advance in the video allowing me to hide video controls.

But sometimes that connection disappears and I can't figure out why. All I have on the slide is video and an off-screen shape with the accessibility text saying "This slide contains video" (an accessibility requirement from our accessibility department.

So - How is the timeline and a video connected to each other?

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Michael!

That's a great question! The timeline controls the slide timing which includes every element on the slide. 

When adding a video to the timeline, you can control sync the video and timeline by using triggers and a transparent shape.

I've added a sample story file that you can take a look at! Please let me know if you have additional questions.