timeline animation question

I'm trying to emulate something I do in Flash on a regular basis, but can't seem to emulate in Storyline.

I have a single .png image file I've imported. As the timeline moves, I need to zoom up the image to display parts of it larger, then zoom it back down to be able to see the whole file. In Flash I could do this using one layer and tweening the image size. In Storyline, it seems that I'd need to create a layer for each zoom size and then cross-fade them to approximate the zoom.

Is there a better way to make this happen in Storyline?


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Jerson  Campos

There is no way to animate an object like you described in storyline. Using layers (multiple) you can create a workaround, but it won't be exactly like you did in flash. Unless you need to export the course in html5 you can always create the animation in flash and then import it into storyline.