Timeline as a trigger

So, I know you can use the start or end of a timeline as a triggering event... but is there someway to put a trigger at say.. end - 5secs?  In my project i have a layer that has an audio clip in at.. and at the END of the timeline for that clip I have it trigger a variable change.

In doing some testing.. users aren't waiting until the absolute end of the audio clip which means the variable isn't getting updated and things are breaking.  I wanted to see if I could trigger the variable change a few seconds before the audio file timeline ends.

The only way I figured out to make that work is to add a bunch of shapes (or whatever) to the slide layer.. and just move them off the slide.. so the user doesn't see them... and put them on the timeline for like.. 1 second.. and trigger the vairable change on when the timeline ends for the shape rather than the audio... but that seem very messy.

Is there an easier way? Or am I not making any sense at all?


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