Timeline audio only through computer speakers

Sep 18, 2017

I have run into an inconvenient and frustrating issue since updating Storyline 360. When playing the timeline the audio only comes out through my computer speakers, never through my headphones. Inconvenient in an open office environment.

All other modes play fine through headphones.


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Ben Watson

It is happening in the Storyline 360 Timeline. I own my own license and I have a license through my company. Two completely different computers, two completely different headphones. The headphone work fine in Preview and all other modes/functions except Timeline. The symptom occurs whether I am using headphones in Bluetooth or hard wired. Once, on my home computer, it temporarily fixed itself when I rebooted the computer...but only once.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ben, 

I just saw another user mention something similar - and she shared that she'd done a recent Windows update. Have you checked if that messed with any of your standard audio settings?

When you rebooted did the audio only play once, or did you try rebooting again and that didn't allow the audio to play again? 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Linda, 

Thanks for sharing that it works in Audacity. Have you tested it anywhere else, such as a Flash based browser? In Storyline 2 our preview is based on flash and I'd be curious to know if the headphones also don't work with other Flash content on the web. 

Storyline 360 has it's preview set up within HTML5, so similarly if you were using a browser with Flash disabled, and viewing HTML5 content in the browser how does that sound with or without the headphones. 

Let me know if you're able to do that test!

Linda Sampson

Ashley, I haven't tested a flash based browser. I did, however, test in Magix Cleaning Lab, which is another audio editor I use. It works fine. I also noticed that if I use SL's auditor editor, the headphones work. I played a .mp4 file and it works through the headphones. I decided to submit a case to Articulate Support.

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Jess.  The users who are unable to hear audio - are they listening through a headset or headphones of some kind?

If so, it sounds like disabling the system display audio, and subsequently re-enabling it allowed headphone audio to play normally through headphones.  Storyline won't be able to instruct which speakers/output to use on the machine where the course is launched.

We're still monitoring this issue, as we've seen customer impact and haven't been able to reproduce the behavior on our end.  We'll keep you updated in this discussion!

Julie Moroney

Hi, I'm encountering the same issue. When I encountered it earlier this morning, disabling my laptop's speakers worked. However, revisiting Storyline later this evening, I am now dealing with the same issue. Except this time, I can't hear the audio from my headphones OR computer speaker - it seems that both are disabled. In Control Panel under Sounds, I have the headphones enabled and the speakers disabled. This setting worked this morning temporarily, but is no longer a permanent fix. Any other suggestions?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Julie,

I'm sorry you've run into this too - we've shared it with our team, but so far haven't been able to replicate it ourselves. Could you help by sharing a bit more info with me?

  • What version of Storyline are you using?
  • What version of Windows are you on? 
  • When did you first notice this behavior? Do you know if that coincided with any updates to Storyline or Windows?
  • Have you been able to reset your audio/speaker settings to at least hear through the standard speakers?

Anything else you can think of to help us track this down! 

Julie Moroney

Hi Ashley,

  • I'm using Articular Storyline 2 Version 11.
  • I have Windows 10 - Version 1607.
  • I first noticed this behavior Tuesday and Wednesday. Did not coincide with any updates.
  • Yes, when I re-enable my computer speakers, I can hear standard computer sounds and music through them.

This is my timeline:

  • Tuesday - when using record screen function in Storyline, could not hear my narration.
  • Wednesday AM -Stumbled upon this thread. Disabled my computer speakers, that worked.
  • Had to go to a meeting where I needed to play sound through my speakers. Enabled them.
  • Wednesday PM- Went back to Storyline. Disabled computer speakers again. Tried to use record screen function in Storyline. Can't hear narration.

 Trying to download the latest Storyline update now.


Hi there - I have a similar issue as Julie Moroney.  I have a course that I've built in Storyline 2 (version 12) and I'm working locally in Windows 10. 

As of today, audio I've imported into Storyline plays on my laptop speakers instead of my USB headset when in Preview.  If I play the same audio file in Audacity, it plays just fine through my headset.

When I try to play the same audio from the Timeline, I can't hear anything  (via headset or speakers).

If I open the audio file in the Audio Editor - it plays normally through my headset.

Storyline has also crashed at least 3 times in the past hour that I've been trying to work through all of this.


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