Timeline editing features

Has there ever been an effort to add Adobe timeline-like features? I am talking about:

  • timeline folders to group layers of related media assets.
  • being able to drag multiple layers together up and down in the stacking order.
  • when importing an asset it is positioned on a layer directly above the currently selected layer rather than all the way at the top of the timeline stack.
  • being able to have a mode where you can scrub through the timeline and see assets appear and disappear at their in and out points (Similar to Adobe Animate). Having everything displayed no matter where they are on the timeline is a visual mess.

When in assembly mode with large courses these abilities are sorely missed and reduce efficiency.

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Ethan!

We use layers in a different way than what you've used in the past. Layers are used to display additional content on a slide at certain points on the timeline or in response to the learner's actions.  You can read more about layers here.

If you're looking to arrange objects using the timeline, you have the option to drag the objects vertically or horizontally. Dragging an object vertically will change the order in which it is layered on a slide. Dragging the object horizontally will change the timing of the object. We have an in-depth support article here!

Lastly, the Play button on the timeline is used to play audio and animations on a slide. If you're looking to witness a slide in action, we recommend using Preview mode.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions! We're here to help!