Timeline issues: 1) unexpected extension and 2) align tail to cue point?


I continually run into the issue described here (https://www.articulate.com/support/storyline-2/aligning-an-object-to-the-playhead-or-a-cue-point-extends-the-timeline), despite checking that the object's setting for "show until end" is NOT selected. I could handle this more quickly if I could align an object's tail to a cue point rather than just its head. Is this possible? Is there additional instruction on avoiding the "timeline automatically extends" issue?

I am spending significant time dragging objects and end points across the timeline, and it is rather distracting from working with the course content!

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Jacob Visovatti

Yes, I installed updates this morning and still run into the issue.

I will have to share my source file and detail the issue next week - a little deadline pressure currently! Thanks for the link, Leslie.

I have noticed that I tend to do less alignment if I insert every planned object into the slide first, then add audio and cue points. Is this a best practice for using Storyline efficiently anyway?