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I have recently created a module where I imported some jpeg icons and applied triggers and motion paths to the icons. I need to create a second module with an interface that has identical function but different graphics. To save time I thought i could just click on "Change Picture" and this way not use the triggers. 

The problem is that the name of the previous image remains on the timeline. For example, if I had an image labeled "adam.png" and I changed the picture to "VCH.png" I still see in the timeline the label adam.png when in fact it displays "VCH.png".    

Is this a bug that needs to be corrected? Or is there a way to refresh the titles. 

label does not update


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Michael Hinze
Alyssa Gomez

Hi Ahssan, I just tested this in Storyline 2, and I found that the image title changed when I used the "Change Picture" feature. Can you confirm that you're on the latest update of Storyline 2 (Update 11) and that you're working locally?

Hm, I'm seeing the same thing (I am now running SL2, Update 11). I wasn't aware that this had changed (been fixed) with Update xyz.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Michael!

You are seeing the name change as Alyssa indicated or you are seeing the same behavior that Ahssan is reporting?

I'm seeing the same thing Alyssa recorded in her Peek video, but if you are seeing something differently, please share a screen cast if you can.

Hi Ahssan! Yes, that is the latest update to Storyline 2. 

Trying to confirm the behavior you are seeing. Could you record a screen cast of the issue?