Timeline Lag

Jul 13, 2016

Text boxes with several lines don't appear and disappear on cue. Single lines of text do fine, however. I'm attempting to show a layer containing a scroll panel with stacked text boxes inside. This is supposed to serve as closed-caption for the user.


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Christie Pollick

Hi, Matthew -- Thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear of your troubles! May I ask if you are finding this behavior when you test your course in the intended environment, as well? If you are able to share your file, that could help illustrate what you are experiencing. If you'd like to share your file for private review, here is the form you would need to do so. 

Matthew Birmingham

Hi Christie, and thank you.  Sharing it is an issue, so I'll do my best to explain.  Since initially posting, I've discovered some other details that may help you figure this out.  Let me start by describing what I'm up to.  As the user views a how-to video, I want a CC box to open when they click a button.  The CC box is a scroll panel on another layer with multiple text boxes stacked in it.  Each text box contains several lines of text and I intend for these to appear and disappear on cue as the video progresses.

Here's what seems to be the main problem: the layer with the CC doesn't keep pace with the video (which is on a different layer) unless it's open.  If the user waits a few seconds to open the CC, the CC will remain that many seconds behind the video.  My problems don't stop there, but I don't want to overwhelm you right off the bat.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Matthew -- I also wanted to note for good measure that the timeline of a layer starts only once you’ve opened a layer, so perhaps that is something to consider. And in case you were not aware of the option, I did want to mention that our Support Engineers would be able to sign an NDA if you should change your mind and decide to connect with them here for confidential file review. 

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