Timeline lag for textboxes

Hi all -

I have a slide with graphics and text boxes that have the same starting position (the beginning of the slide) on the timeline but there is a lag in the display of the text boxes. I even tried grouping the related graphic/text box but the text box still shows up later. The graphics have triggers attached but the text boxes don't. I don't think that should matter but at this point I'm trying to figure out anything that may be affecting them and how to make them all show up at the same time. Has anyone else had this issue? Thx in advance.

- Freya

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Freya Brannon

Thx but there is no animation on the graphics or text boxes. I even tried adding some to see if I could get them to sync up  but that didn't work and I removed it. It's a static slide with triggers that allow them to selection a section to go to. The slide preceding this does have animation. It has the same puzzle shapes connected, then they fly out, and back in as separate. The timeline on the preceding slide then automatically forwards to the slide I'm having the issue with.

Najam  Fazal
Freya Brannon

The graphics have triggers attached but the text boxes don't.

Can you please elaborate on the triggers? Or share snapshots?

Or as Ren Gomez wrote share this specific part of your course as a .story file. It will certainly make it much more clearer and easier to test your use case.

Freya Brannon

Sorry for the delay in response. I only work on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The file is huge so I pulled out the specific scene and recreated the settings from the player, etc. The last screen is the issue. The triggers on the puzzle pieces connect to other scenes in the original file so are unassigned in this file. The word doc has shots of those triggers from the original file. The slide triggers are used to mark completion of the other scenes with checks and all have to be completed/checked before they can move to the closing scene. There are no changes in the slide triggers from the original file. I hope that helps - and makes sense. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thx guys for taking a look.

Ren Gomez

Hi Freya,

I appreciate you sharing that file! I took a look and noticed no issues when I previewed the problem slide. The text boxes appeared as expected at the beginning of the slide. Assuming the text boxes you are referring to are the numbers in the puzzle pieces:

Looking forward to hearing back so we can get to the root of the issue!

Freya Brannon

Hi Ren -

Yes, it is the numbers. Sorry, I should have clarified that.

I'm subscribing to Articulate 360 and it is not displaying that there are any available updates so I would say yes to the latest version. I will try the repair on Tuesday when I'm back in the office and post what happens.

Thx for having a look and have a good weekend.

Freya Brannon

Hi Ren -

I did the repair and then tested by inserting an auto advance slide (with no puzzle pieces) ahead of the slide with the numbers. The numbers appear with the puzzle pieces so either the repair worked, or I was just imagining the lag because the two slides had the same objects. I should have thought to test it that way earlier. Thx for all your help.