Timeline & Layer Troubles

Jun 08, 2012

Hi Everyone,

We're trying to work with a drag and drop activity using two layers. We wanted a "Start" page before the actual activity so we set the start page as the first layer and put a trigger to start the layer when timeline starts. Everything seemed to work fine until we tried to preview it and the drag & drop items disappeared!

I'm attaching the file, I hope it's not a huge issue! Thanks for your help


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Annie Jean

Hi Daniela... me again!

I have looked at your project and experimented the same issue.

I thought that it may have to do with the language used in the text boxes... is it right to left (sorry for my ignorance)?

Well, I have selected one of them, saved as image and inserted the image and it works fine.

So I assume it has to do with that... without really knowing.

Hope it may help you, have a nice day!


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