Timeline Pause play using Space Bar as a toggle

Dec 10, 2019

in one of the existing thread I found this solution provided by Articulate Staff, but this doesn't seems working. I need help doing this:

"How about the spacebar and a layer? The spacebar is pretty popular for pausing videos, etc., so users may already be aware of using this key. 

To set this up, you could create a new layer on your slide and maybe even add a notice or text box that states the course has been paused. Add a trigger that shows the pause layer when the user presses the spacebar. Then, add a trigger to the pause layer that hides the layer when the user presses the spacebar. This way the user can toggle between the slide and the layer using the same key

In order for this to work, you'll also want to select the option to "Pause the timeline of the base layer" in the layer properties."


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Najam  Fazal

While Wendy's solution is a good one. I propose a non-layered solution where you can use pause/resume timelinepause/play media actions when user presses spacebar. (See attached solution)

Note that when you use layer or pause/play media action, the seekbar in the Player continues to move forward. I don't know your use case but it might confuses the user. If you are displaying seekbar, I'd prefer to use the pause/play timeline action since it directly controls the slide's timeline and seekbar. However, with this approach you need to match video's and slide's timeline and set the video to start automatically otherwise it may cause disruption. From your question, it appears that you want to control the timeline.

There are other problems you need to be catering such as if user clicks on the video, by default it'll pause. So you may need to use hotspot with empty trigger to prevent the user. In some cases it would be much user friendly to enable controls on the video so that use can see the video's seekbar and play/pause as per requirement.

Lindsay Piché

Love this non-layered solution!  Thank you!  My presentation already has a lot of layers, and this can be easily embedded on the master slide and is low maintenance and easy!

Edit: I've just discovered that putting the pause toggle on the master slide does not carry over to the layers within any slide.  I've resorted to including the toggle and triggers on each layer of the course, which isn't perfect, but gets the job done and increases the accessibility of my course.

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