Timeline Player

I have a course with several slides that contain a base layer and several slide layers.  I have recorded the audio for the base and slide layers respectively and now want to set cue points but I am having problems getting the "play" button on the Timeline to work.

This isn't happening with all my slides - only some of them. Why am I not able to set cue points on the slide layers using the Timeline "play" button?

I've attached the slides that are not allowing me to set cue points.  Any help would be great.

Thank you....

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Walt Hamilton

The layers show up only when you click, but clicking on anything stops the preview, so it can't be done that way.

I recommend playing the audio in another program, and recording the cue times. Most programs of that sort let you stop at any point and manipulate the timeline to an exact point. Record it, and set the cue points exactly the first try, without trial and error.

Lots of folks here like Audacity for that because it is good and it is free.