Timeline playhead in Pause inconsistent in showing correct video baselayer frame

Will appreciate any insights you power users have.  I've attached the slide having difficulty with.

3 issues:

1) When pausing or scrubbing timeline playhead across video, the video frame does not adjust - seems to freeze at earlier point. Probability of freezing increases as more user interaction pauses have been added. Not being able to see the correct frame makes layer highlight placement impossible. Difficulty appears in attached slide at ~ 75 second mark of timeline.

2) Timeline seconds do not match the source mp4 video timing after first pause event introduced. Is the SL timeline adding time based on pause events being introduced?

3) When playhead is paused deeper into video after 2 other interaction pauses have been introduced, the playhead reverts to the start of the video when I create a new layer, so I can't see where to place a highlight element. Didn't do this for first 2 pause events, but can't get 3rd event to cooperate. Seems like some cumulative error re timeline indication vs. source video time.


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Jeffrey!

This is an issue that has been reported to our QA Team for review. Sync issues when using the timeline preview option. I know that I have seen users submit feature requests here for this as well.

I will add this thread for our QA Team for both user awareness and so that we can update when applicable.