Timeline preview vs Preview this slide

I have questions surrounding why a font we use displays differently when the slide is rendered via the timeline vs slide preview.

First question:  What rendering engine is used for each? I have some recollection that it may be Adobe Flash is used for one while IE's HTML5 engine is used for the other.  Is that the case?

So here's the font we're using: Bahnschrift Light SemiCondensed. A TrueType font.  Nothing fancy.

Now what follows are screenshots to show the difference:

The following shows the fonts side-by-side:

Here's the full snapshot of Slide Preview:

Here's the full snapshot of the design view/timeline view:


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Sam,

Storyline 360 continues to depend on Flash in 2 additional areas (Timeline Preview and Player Properties Preview), and we are targeting Q2 of 2019 to move away from Flash in these areas as well. 

So, as you suspected it looks like you're seeing the difference between the Flash and HTML5 rendering of those fonts. Can you also check whether you have modern text enabled? 

Lauren Connelly

Hello Charlie!

Thank you for checking in! Unfortunately, we still see this behavior in Storyline 360 (Build 3.49.24347.0) as well. This bug hasn't made it on our roadmap as we are currently prioritizing other bug fixes and feature requests for upcoming releases. We'll return to this discussion if our team decides to reroute and add this to our roadmap.