Timeline Question

Dec 13, 2017

Hi everyone,

I have developed some 40 slides of an SL2 presentation and just realized that most of my slides extend to about 80 seconds even though their content only extends to around 10-15 seconds.  If this will NOT affect file size or load time I won't bother correcting all of those slides.  Can anyone verify that the "dead space" on the timeline after my content finishes has no impact on anything?

Thank you!

~ Michael

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Russell Corrie

Hey Michael,

The biggest problem with dead space after your content finishing is that if you have a seekbar on your slide it will only show the slide as being partially complete even though all of the content is technically fully complete.  This may confuse the learner as they might thing there is more content coming up. I always feel like taking the time to get everything correct now (even though a total pain, I get it) will usually save you many headaches later. =)

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Michael,

I would be concerned if you had restricted navigation on this course as that would prevent the user from proceeding until the slide was complete.

Did you have some audio or video on the slides that determined the duration that has since changed?

I'd recommend importing the slides into a new file to see if that alleviates the overall issue you are seeing with the slide duration.

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