Timeline questions — selecting multiple objects

Hi. I'm a Mac user who is new to both Windows and Storyline. I started using Storyline for the first time today and I have a question about the Timeline:

Can I select multiple objects via the Timeline? For instance, if I want to group a bunch of objects. I've been trying to select multiple objects in the Timeline by clicking and holding different keys but nothing worked. I tried Shift, Control, Command and Option. It's more difficult to have to group items by selecting them on the slide. Thanks!

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D. Mirsky

Okay, I realized I CAN select multiple objects in the Timeline. I was clicking in the wrong place, because I'm used to a Mac software program that has a timeline but works slightly differently than Storyline.

In Storyline, the Timeline has two columns. The column on the left is where you can rename the object and also turn on/off visibility and lock/unlock the object. I was trying to select multiple objects by clicking in this column. In this column, you can click to select one object, but not more than one.

Just now, though, I realized, accidentally, that I can select multiple objects by clicking on them in the right column - where you actually control the timing of objects' timelines.

I'm not sure that I'm being clear, but the problem is solved.