Timeline reaches one cue point to activate one button

Apr 06, 2015

Hello Heroes! 

I have a question to about in Articulate Storyline 1. 

I was using Storyline 2 and I loved it but I have to use 1 now because this is what my company has now. But I have encountered a little issue. 

What will be on the slide: one video (9 minutes), and one next button. 

My ideal end result of this slide: when the video reaches maybe 8 minutes, my "next" button will be activated and the learner can click on it later to move on. 

Therefore: I created a variable (true or false) 

                   I created a cue point at approximately at 8 minutes. 

 I wanted to set the variable from false to true when the timeline reaches 8 minutes (reaches the cue point) and then I can activate the button when the variable becomes true. however, i don't find it as an option in the trigger window thingy. 

Did I do something wrong about the cue point? Or Storyline 1 does not offer that trigger function? Is there any other ways to make it happen? 


Thank you very much! 


Happy Easter! / Happy Passover!




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Christie Pollick

Hi, Zoe - Just to clarify, the project you are referring to was created using Storyline 1, correct? Just asking in case it was originally created with Storyline 2 (as it will not be ‘backwards compatible’ with Storyline 1). So, to answer your question, SL1 does not have the same options to trigger based on the timeline reaching a designated cue point, however, you might find this discussion useful for a workaround. Hope that helps!


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