Timeline to default to longest audio on slide

Aug 30, 2019


Is there an easy way to set the timeline on slides to end at the last, or largest piece of audio?   I initially set everything to 2 minutes but this is too long as some audio on slides stop at one minute - how do I alter the timeline easily without dragging for each slide?



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Dorothy,

When you add in audio, Storyline will extend the timeline to match the time of the longest audio piece. So instead of adjusting the timeline of all your slides ahead of time, let Storyline do it once you add in the audio! 

If you need to update the length of the timeline for slides that have shorter audio use these steps:

  • Start to drag your timeline to the left and,
  • then press your LEFT Arrow key.  

This should trim out the empty space bringing the timeline to the end of your audio. Let us know if that helps! 

Sonja Osborn

Hi! Thank you for the tip. I tried this but it simply moves the playhead to the beginning of the timeline rather than cropping out space between the longest media and the end line.  Should this tip still be applicable, or has it been lost after an update?  I run everything on triggers and at this point would love to just remove the whole "end" feature all together, it's taking so much manual adjustment.

Lauren Connelly

Hello Sonja!

Have you tried using the "Align to Playhead" feature? This will move the audio or object to the designated spot on the timeline. 

If you're looking to step away from the trigger, "When the timeline ends", could you try using "When the media completes"?

Please keep me updated, and let me know if I can clarify!

Graham Grether

Thanks Dorothy for the tip on trimming timelines to the longest audio (or other object) duration on a layer quickly and simply - the [left-click + drag] and then simultaneous [left-arrow] works for me.

The bit I'm now puzzled about, which is related to this, is the timing for the progress bar on the player.

It seems to me that the progress bar duration is set by the timeline duration on the base layer of the slide.

I usually have 4 to 6 layers per slide, with audio which has a different duration on each layer. I can trim the layer timeline nicely and quickly now to suit the audio. But I'm still left having to manually set the timeline on the base layer to the same as the same duration as the longest duration layer, but that sets the progress bar duration the same (to that length) for all layers. This doesn't really seem like it's appropriate to me.

Logically, shouldn't the progress bar on the player represent the timeline on the layer which is currently being viewed?

Or am I missing something - is there a way to make this happen that I haven't yet found?

Anyone got any thoughts on this?

Lauren Connelly

Hello Graham!

I'm so glad Dorothy's tip was useful for you! I'm not sure Dorothy is still subscribed to this discussion so I'm happy to jump in and answer your questions.

The progress bar or slide timeline on the base layer doesn't include the layer's timeline. Layer timelines also don't include the base layer's timeline. 

Are you looking for the slide timeline to include the layer timeline as well?