Mar 18, 2013

I wonder if you can help, I have a video which plays perfectly, then I have three slides with pictures showing.  I do not want them to run through a timeline, I have taken off the trigger to move to next slide at end of timeline and have right clicked the mouse and selected show always but still the pictures display for 5 seconds before moving on, how do I stop this please??  Your help would be most gratefully received.

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Helen Tyson

Hi Di

Each slide will have a default timelime of 5 seconds which changes based on the content you add to the slides. If you want to manually control the advance you need to make sure the slide properties (seen in Story view at the bottom right of the screen) are set to Advance by User and you need to set a trigger to do so.

The trigger can be set against the Next button built into the player or to another button or object or slide.


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