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May 30, 2019


I'm working on a course where I need to limit the learner from skipping around the course, but be able to progress to the next slide when they are ready to move on. Currently, the next button will only work once the timeline has ended. Is there a way to work around this that doesn't involve creating custom progression buttons or making the timeline 1 second? Thank you for your input!

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Maree Eilman

I'm not sure this will come through because of the restrictions placed on our files. Nonetheless I will try to send it on.

I need for the Next and Previous buttons when click to go to a slide layer called Close. This layer tells the user that they must finish all the layers before they can move on. Once they finish all the layers they can then click the Next button and it will take them to the Next slide. I also want the arrows to (the ones in blue) to turn to green to indicate that they did indeed review the content well lets just say they click on the correct button.  Let me know if  you have questions. 

Mike DiFonzo


I took a look at your story and started making a couple of fixes but I think you can simplify a few of the design aspects. I don't believe your trigger to change the black arrow to green will fire since you have it tied to click on the Chevron. You have a Hot Spot over it so they'll never be able to click it. 

Instead of tying the Close layer to Next button, might be easier to change Player setting to Restricted navigation (Next is disabled until they complete everything).

Trigger to Jump to next slide should be AND instead of OR if you want them to visit all layers first. I've had trouble with the Visited state and usually make a Complete state instead.

Not sure why Next/Previous button is hidden in the layers. Might want to remove. 
Also, you have another Next button on the layers to advance. Might want to get rid of that and just close the layer.

I'll try to update the file shortly.


Mike DiFonzo


Correction: You were correct. Trigger to Jump to Next should be OR.

I made the changes so triggers to green arrows happen on click of Hot Spots (instead of Chevrons). File attached.

Trigger to Jump to Next slide - I removed all of the conditions and instead changed the state of the LayersComplete rectangle to Complete.  This state change allows the next button to go to next slide.

You will probably want to remove those extra next buttons on the layers to advance to the next chevron. If they use that instead of clicking on hot spots, triggers to change to green arrows won't fire.

Hope this helped.


Maree Eilman

Okay I've got this working  great. The only thing I'm unable to do is to get the my Next and Back buttons to move to the next slide. They successfully display the Close layers' message about not being able to move forward I just can't get the darn slide to move forward after they click all the layers. Help anyone that is still out there.... :) 

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