Timeline & the Next Button


I'm working on a course where I need to limit the learner from skipping around the course, but be able to progress to the next slide when they are ready to move on. Currently, the next button will only work once the timeline has ended. Is there a way to work around this that doesn't involve creating custom progression buttons or making the timeline 1 second? Thank you for your input!

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Maree

A few things I noticed:

  1. you have a custom 'completed state' for each item but I'm not seeing a trigger to change the state to completed so any triggers based on that state won't display. 
  2. the user has the ability to stay in a layer and use your custom next button to move to the next layer and not come back to the main layer - is this what you wanted.  If so, you'd need to account for all ways they interact with this slide...by that I mean
    1. The user who goes to first layer, clicks close, returns to base, clicks next item and continues with this.  
    2. The user who goes to the first layer, clicks the custom next button, then clicks close, returns to base, then clicks next item, on this layer, clicks close button
    3. The user who does a variation of all options close or next button with no patter.
  3. where is the trigger for when the user clicks on the next button.

So, my question is what is the behaviour you want for this slide, as we need to work out when the change state to 'Completed' happens and when to jump to next slide.