Timeout Feature SL 360

Feb 03, 2021

Hi. Is there a way to have a SL 360 course timeout after a certain number of minutes? I currently publish the courses to an LMS. However, we have noticed a few users just keep the course open without any activity. When they finally complete a course, it will show 50+ hours for a 20 minute course. I have seen the suggestion of creating a layer, but I have multiple layers on each slide and don't want to go this route. Long way to ask- is there simply a way to time out a SL 360? Thank you.

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Katie Riggio

Welcome, Elizabeth!

Timeout limits are typically managed by the LMS. A good first step is to check in with your LMS team to see if they have this option—and if yes, what are the steps to configure it.

If that doesn't help, could you insert a When Timeline reaches X seconds/minutes trigger on every slide to display certain timeout text?

Either way, keep us posted! 😀

Joseph Francis

You need to be careful with timeouts, as some learners may not consume your content as quickly as their peers, and would be extremely frustrated if the course disconnected itself from the LMS with little fanfare.

Timeout based on inactivity, or idle session timeout, has been around since before Learning Management Systems, as client/server environments and mainframe/dumb terminal environments used communication "sessions" between servers and nodes. As each session had to have memory on the server reserved for it, keeping too many sessions open would degrade performance on the server side, to the point where the server could stop entirely.

LMS' I have worked with either had their own built-in idle session timeout, or relied on the server they were hosted on to determine the idle session timeout. For courses which were longer than the defacto standard of 20 minutes, I would have the course "ping" the LMS with a status update request each time, for example, a chapter was completed.