Timer countup for a quizz contest

hello All,

I need some help....again!

I use the timer from Storyline, counting up the time spent by the participant to awswe the questions on each quiz.

This timer indicates the time on the top bar of the SL player.

How/Where can I retrieve this time?

I would like to add the times spent on each of the 2 quizzes, retrieve these times and add them to give the learner the total time he spent on the total of the course (2 quizzes)

For instance:

quiz 1: elapsed time 4mn + quiz2: elapsed time 5mn = 9mn

Please help!


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Julie B.

Thanks Ashley,

i am trying to understand and build something...I have read al lthe thread...but i can't find a solution..

i wish to design (quickly ;(... a timer that would not be in the top bar, that would count up the time spent by the learner to answer and then sum up all the time the participant took to complete all the different quizzes..

What if i keep the storyline default basic countup elapsed time, the one on the top bar, shown during the quiz and on the slide result: how can i retrieve the final elapsed time of each 4 quizzes and cumulate the result so that the learner knows the total time spent ?

Thanks for your help....

..unfortunately i have very few time to deliver this quiz contest to my customer ;(

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Julie,

The built in quiz timer is not a variable that can be accessed and reported back to the learner, although that would make a cool feature request. Depending on your LMS they may track overall time spent in the course as well and would be displayed within the LMS itself. 

In regards to creating the custom timers, it's not something I'm equipped to assist with - but you may want to reach out to a few of the community members in the previously linked thread to see if they're able to assist you.