Timer issue with question bank in Storyline

Mar 31, 2014

Dear E-Learning Heroes,

Seeking your help and guidance on the situation below.

In my storyline, I have build a question bank of 400 questions.  I am in need of creating 3 links on one slide which will take me to 3 scenarios (slides).

1. All questions pulled from the question bank on a random basis. (for that I have created the slide "Draw from Question Bank".  There is no need to have a result slide in this scenario.

2. The next one is a timed quiz of 30 minutes which will pull 20 questions from the question bank.  After that slide I need to put a results slide which will provide the results for that draw.  So I have created a "Draw from Question Bank" slide where I selected to pull 20 questions randomly. And after that created a results slide, which specified that the timer is set to 30 minutes and selected the appropriate "Draw from...." slide.

3. The third scenario is a timed quiz of 60 minutes which will pull 40 questions from the question bank.  So the next slide I created is a "Draw from Question Bank" with 40 questions.  And the results slide has been set to 60 minutes and selecting the appropriate "Draw from ..... " slide.

The issue is that when I publish, irrespective of which scenario I choose, the timer starts counting for 30 minutes.  I remember having seen such an issue on the forum but can't find the post.

The alternative workaround for this is to create 3 different storyline for each scenario while re-creating (or importing) the question bank in each one of them.  Then create an overarching storyline which will call these other 3. But for me that's not a workable solution as I will be duplicating my output 3 times and the size will be 3 times heavier.

I am attaching screenshots of the slides config.  Maybe some super hero will be able to help me.

Just as a note, the reason why this is an issue for me is that I have five sets of such scenarios.  Which means if I have to go with the workaround, I will be having 15 storylines plus an overarching one which will make it 16.  Now that is heavy.  Plus the other reason is that I will be publishing to CD (meaning the launch_story.exe).  And storyline integrates closely with Internet explorer (or browser) and when I make one storyline calls another exe, IE intercepts it and pops up a whole bunch of security alerts. Which the user will not be very happy with.

The ideal will be for me to have 5 question banks in one single storyline file and the ability to create the different scenarios by calling questions from these question banks, and putting a timer whenever required.

Your valuable help will be most appreciated.  Thank you.

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