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Oct 01, 2014


Is there a timer visible on the seek bar in Storyline 2? I'm looking for a way to let the learners know how much time is left on a slide.


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Katie Hutton

Sure, that makes sense. I'm thinking of the option for slides that do have a specific length (i.e. narrated slides) so the users have some idea of what to expect, similar to a youtube video or the feature found in Presenter. I understand this wasn't available in Storyline, so was just hoping to see it in Storyline 2.

Thanks for getting back to me.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Jeremy! 

The elapsed time/time remaining display on the player for each slide is not an included feature at this time.  Certainly add your input in the form of a feature request; we are always considering what our customers need!

If an "overall time remaining in course" would work for you, you can try this workaround from Ron suggested here

Key Learning

Can we please get articulate to fix this? I don't understand why this would be difficult to calculate. You are already providing a seek bar with "progress" being displayed (but no timestamp!?). And we're able to jump back and for on the seekbar per slide. For content creation this is extremely helpful and frankly necessary to indicate where on the slide a change needs to take place. This is HUGE for articulate review when a client is reviewing a course to say where (using a time indication) something needs to change. Also it would permit learners to at least know how much time has passed and remained on the seekbar. Why have a seekbar at all if you don't know the time on the seekbar? 

This feature alone is forcing us to use presenter instead of storyline. :( We really really want to be able to use Storyline instead of Presenter. Please make this change. 


Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Key Learning,

I really appreciate your candid feedback. Your ideas make a lot of sense, and I'm happy to get your suggestions in our Product Team's hands.

I did want to mention that Articulate Review should take a screenshot of what the user is seeing at the precise moment when they submit their comment. That should be helpful in identifying what the comment is referring to. 

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