Timer stops running

Hi Guys,

How to keep a  timer I made in a slide  running even when a layer is opened?

I have put the timer in the slide master, still it stops working when a layer is opened, and resume when the layer is closed.

When no answer is chosen, the timer repeats itself.

I want the slide to move to the next slide even when no answer is chosen.

Thank you.

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Widya  Y

Hi Phil,

I made the timer manually in the timeline. It is already put in the master slide with the idea that opening a layer will not affect

the timeline. It seems that I am wrong. I have uncheck the option in the layer properties, still does not work as intended.

I cannot figure out what goes wrong.

Please see my file, the layer I open is the reading passage.


Phil Mayor

it is because you are hiding objects on the base layer 

to jump to the next slide you probably need to add a numeric variable on on the master add a trigger to add 1 to the variable when timeline ends.

On your slide add a trigger to jump to next slide when your variable changes, as it is a quiz you may have a problem with an invalid answer, or it may not be an issue