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Jul 26, 2017

Hi Guys,

I've been doing some R&D for creating a timer to slides. I've been able to achieve to an extent. Attached is the file for same. 

I've also added triggers to master slide. Would love to know an easier way to achieve this. 

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Yusuf Rangwala

Thanks Alyssa,

Have already seen these. It doesn't solve my purpose as I need it follow the following specs: 

1) The timer should match the timeline of slide

2) If the slide is paused or stopped the timer should stop

3) When user visits next slide it should continue the timer from where it had stopped. 

The above specs are getting fulfilled but there are some challenges still. Hence asking if anyone has something similar that has been worked upon. 

Also if some type of extra coding makes this work. I would more than happy to accept it. 

Yusuf Rangwala


So I've been continuing to work over the file I shared previously. It was working great till I was working in Storyline2. But when I upgraded the same file to storyline 360 the timeline is not working correctly. 

The seekbar length is equal to that of the master slide and not the slide that I'm viewing, 

For Eg: 

If the timeline of slide is 4 seconds and master slide is 20 seconds. Then it calculates as 20 seconds. When it should get completed in 4 seconds. 



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