timer works on individual slide previews but not within entire project


I'm still quite new to Storyline (Storyline 2) and apologize if this has been covered, but I haven't located where this issue has been brought up.  

I'm making a game with a countdown timer that deducts 1 second each time an offstage object completes a motion path movement.  The timer starts when a play button is clicked.  I'm creating 5 questions/slides each having this same timer configuration.

Things work fine when I'm previewing individual slides, but they don't work when previewing the entire project.  The first slide works, but on the subsequent slides, clicking the play button does not start the timer.  I have tried rearranging slides, and no matter which order I arrange them in, the first one works, but not the subsequent ones. 

Is there some trigger I need to add that kills or resets the timer between slides?


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Madison Williams

RIchard, Thanks for your response.  I had also tried publishing it versus merely previewing it before I posted my problem, and I got the same result. I also tried resetting the timer variable, but I wasn't getting anywhere.  I wound up making an animated timer as an MP4 and got away from tying the timer to the motion path animation loop.  Thanks again!