Timed Quiz - help please!

Hi there,

I have a Storyline 1 module with a 60 minute time limit for the questions.

However the course does not set as ‘complete’ if you get to the end of the quiz within the allowed period. (You've answered all the questions before the 60 minutes is up)

Why doesn't this record on the LMS?.

I can't seem to find any settings that look incorrect.


 After the ‘time expired’ dialog box and clicking ‘OK’ a blank screen is displayed.

I can then click ‘Prev’ & retake the test! - How can I stop this?

Any help appreacited, Sarah

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Sarah,

Our team is aware of an issue where the quiz timer resets when you go to retake or resume the course as detailed here but update 6 of Storyline 1 included a fix for the quiz timer finishing and the user being able to continue with the quiz as detailed in the release notes here. 

In regards to your completion status, has the user visited the results slide that you're tracking the course by? That's what will send the completion to your LMS. 

Sarah Meredith

Hi Ashley,

Thank you, looks like it was due to my course having an exit screen before the results slide. So users did not visit the results slide (this was on purpose) - I've made some changes and users now visit the results page which is then submitting the completion to the LMS.

Thanks, Sarah