Timing Issues

I am having a difficult time getting bullets on screen to animate correctly. I have them flying in from the bottom and they are timed with audio. However, even though I have each line on cue with audio, the first line of a separate bullet keeps coming in on screen with the second bullet. This happens even though that line is not set to come on screen until later. I have manually timed the animations and it still didn't work and then i deleted the entire text box and re-typed it in and then reanimated and and re-timed and it still does it.

Is this a limation of Storyline? That bullets just cannot be timed that way? 

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Josh Uhlig

I'm curious.. You say "they are timed with audio" and "I have each line on cue with audio".  In what way did  you accomplish this?

As far as I am aware, there is no way to set up the timing for individual bullet points within the same textbox.  As Nancy said, the best you can do is set the speed of the animation.  This is not a bug, it is simply limited functionality.  It works as intended. 

I'm hoping they do allow for more timing options in the future such as are allowed within Presenter, but for now separating the bullets into individual text boxes is the way to accomplish this.

Nancy Woinoski

Hi Josh - this is what Michelle means -

When you have more than one paragraph in a text box and set the animation to fly in by first level paragraph Storyline places each of the paragraphs on the timeline as shown in this example.

The idea is that you should be able to move each of this text paragraphs to different points on the timeline and they should animate at these points - Unfortunately, it does not seem to work as Storyline is ignoring the timeline and only using the animation speed to determine when the animation happens.

Hope this helps,


Josh Webb

I'm a bit late to this party but I am having a related issue and cannot find any forums about it.

When I adjust the timing of any object in the timeline, regardless of whether an animation is assigned to it or not, the change does not always work when I preview the slide. The reason I mention the animation is because the only way I have found to fix this is to change the animation to "No Animation" and then back to the animation selected OR, if there is no animation to begin with, I can assign an animation and then switch back to "No Animation" and the change in timing seems to stick.

Is this a technical issue or am I doing something wrong?

If there is already a forum about this, please forgive me.



Josh Webb

Hi Nancy,

I'm not seeing it happen with a particular effect. It even happens if there was never an animation assigned to it. It's almost as if toggling the animation effect refreshes the timing and sync's it to match my adjustments. I'll create a new post to see if anyone else has caught this. Have you found any workarounds? The good news is that we know a temporary solution. The bad news is that it takes 5 extra clicks each time you adjust the timing!

Michelle Mace

I'm having a similar problem with timing multiple bullets in a single text box.  As you can see from the screen capture below, I have a text box containing 2 bullets: Approaches to... and Indicators of performance.  I have the animation set to fade in by first level paragraph.  However, I'm only seeing the first bullet (Approaches to...) on the timeline.  The second bullet (Indicators of performance) does not appear.  I'd like to be able to time my bullets to the audio without having to pull them out into separate text boxes.  What step am I missing?