Timing of item entry seems to be affecting the state of an object.

Jul 28, 2013

Object A is timed to appear 10 secs into the slide.

The state of Object A is changed to hidden when the state of Object B is changed to visited. Object B moves the learner away from this slide.

Upon returning to the slide Object A is visible again (I have changed the slide properties to "Resumed Saved State")

However, if I have object A appearing at the beginning of the timeline and not 10 seconds into the slide, it behaves as I want it to, i.e. object A is hidden when object B is visited and when the learner returns to the slide object A still remains hidden.

It appears that the timing of when object A initially appears is having an affect on the state of object A and I cannot understand the logic of why this is happening.

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Philip Arnfield

I have resolved this issue. If anyone is interested......

I was clicking on button B before the 10 second mark of the slide and this must have over ridden the trigger to change the state of Object A. Or the state was only able to be changed once the object appeared on the slide and as I had moved off the slide the trigger had no affect.

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