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Feb 17, 2016

I have inserted a step by step screen cast (in view mode) on a project I am busy with. The problem is, the slides progress too fast and learners may not be able to follow along. I tried adjusting/increasing the timeline to display for longer but it continues to jump to the next slide too quickly.

I even tried the recording twice over and slowed my actions down, thinking this might help but it did not. What am I doing wrong, please could someone help me?

Thanks in advance


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Nick S

Hi Jessica. 

I took a look into this and there isn't a current feature that is able to edit the speeds of a screencast.  In your project it sounds like you'd need to slow it down to match the speeds you're after.  Is the screencast playing at the same speed you're recording it in or is the time shifting when inserted?

I see some others in the forums have looked into using a third-party video editing tool to alter the screencast speeds if needed. This page also has a lot of great information on how a screencast can be edited.

If you'd like to request the ability to edit screencast speeds in Articulate you can also pass along that idea as a feature request here.

Jessica Sundarlal

Hi Nick

Thanks for your assistance!

I have deliberately slowed down my actions whilst recording, allowing for a considerable gap before moving on to the next step.

I find that each slide has a total timeline display of 4 & half seconds despite my efforts.

Quite frustrating as I am adding additional text boxes of info, that the learner must have time to read before the slide progresses.

Nick S

Hi Jessica,

I think I see what you're after now, sorry for the confusion.  By default the Step by Step screencasts set each step at the 4.5 seconds.  You can extend any of these in the timeline however.  To see the default timing, click on a slide for one of your steps and then click into the timeline.  This image shows what I'm seeing for the default:

The default there is 4.5 seconds.  You can drag the end of the slide out to any other set time in this window.  Another customization you may want to try is to drag out the other options to show the steps on screen for longer and move the mouse action later in the step if extending the time for example.  In this screenshot I dragged the length of this slide out to 8 seconds and moved the other actions in the timeline around a little.

This would need to be done with each slide that you are looking to extend.  I'm not finding a way to extend timelines across multiple slides at the same time and it looks like that has been asked in the forums in the past also.

Is this what you're trying to accomplish in your project?  If you'd like me to take a look at your .story file just attach it here and I'll check over the settings.

Hopefully this helps out!


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