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Oct 30, 2012

Hi guys

Does any one know how to make a storyline course, time out if the user doesnt click the next button after X amount of mintues? I gather we can do this with the lms, but it would time out regardless if the user is clicking next or not.

any thoughts?

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Gerry Wasiluk

Well, you can just extend the timeline for a slide to how long you want and then put a trigger that kicks off when the timeline ends.

You can have that trigger be a course exit but I'd probably do something like take the learner to a slide that is unconnected from the side menu and also not show the side menu not have any navigation buttons. 

The slide would tell the learner the course has timed out and tell them they have to exit.  Then I'd have an exit button for them to click.

Keith Dykes

I have tried to impliement the work-around, its works but its does not do what i would like it todo.

There is a function that exits the course, I have tried to use that with the timeline ends state. This does not seem to work properly at all, it disables the exit function if you created an exit button and does not exit everytime, and never to the correct amount of time.

The reason i am building this, is to stop users from just sitting on the course and then saying they have done it. we need the course to time out after 5 mintues and close, preventing them from sitting there and then claming they have done the learning.

Any thoughts? i have attached my test course to this post also

Graham North


I've built this simple file containing a one second counter running the entire project.  The triggers on the slides reset the counter to zero when the slide starts and another exits the clourse when the slide has been displayed for 10 seconds.  I'm sure you can adapt the concept for your needs (he says hopefully).

Hope it helps

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