Tin Can Answered Statements Not Being Sent Until Results Slide

Hey Community,

I have a Tin Can project (SL3) where the answered statements are not being sent immediately after a question has been answered. They are all being sent at once when the learner reaches the results slide, which is throwing off our LRS reporting. How can I change this to send immediately after submitting each question interaction (slide by slide)? Also, all of these questions are Free-Form Questions. Any ideas?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hey Dave,

Thanks for reaching out and letting us know what you are experiencing with your project.

Is this something you are able to recreate within SCORM Cloud as well or is this limited to your LMS?

If you are able to replicate, we could certainly take a look.

I searched and found a similar conversation here if you'd like to take a look. It seems a setting was adjusted and it worked properly: 

Make sure you are exporting your xAPI course with "track using quiz results" and not by slides to have the "answered" statements sent. 

Dave willingham

Hi Leslie,

Yes. I'm able to reproduce on multiple LRS platforms. I've submitted the file to your developers but haven't heard back. I verified I'm using "track using quiz results". It's sending the answered statements but not until I reach the results slide. My other assessments send the answered statement right after the experienced statement for each question. The only difference in this project is that they are free-form questions vs. default graded questions. Could that be the issue?