Tin-can API in LearnDash or Sesei WP plugin

Jan 30, 2013

So, out of curiosity...

Has anyone re-published an Articulate Storyline lesson that was previously being hosted and tracked using SCORM for the Tin-can API and tested it out in either the new LearnDash LMS (formerly Wordpress LMS), or the Sensei WP plugin from WooThemes?  

Seems none of these two new lite-LMSs support SCORM. Can't say that I blame them either.  Would be nice to have a really cheap LMS alternative that a client could manage as easily as a WordPress site.

Thanks in advance as always,


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Ali Shahrazad

Todd Thornton said:

Just an FYI- Write down the password when you create the WaxLRS. There's not a password reset inside the plugin or on the main Wax site. (You have to be on your own login page for the password reset to appear)  

In terms of the LearnDash plugin, it installed fine for me and I haven't had any issues yet, but haven't really done much except poking around a little and watching a couple of the getting started videos. The functionality appears (as you might expect from a 1.0 release) very basic. Turning Wordpress into an LMS has a lot of potential, but (IMHO) it's a very very long way off from replacing even the most basic LMS systems.

I hope they do well and don't want to sound too negative. I've thought for a long time there was a market for combining the simplicity of Wordpress with a few LMS features. I mainly wanted to play around more with TinCan and was curious to see the progress over the next year which is why I went ahead and purchased the plugin. (It's only $69 bucks right now) I have not looked at the Sensei plugin so I have no idea how the two compare. 


Hello Todd, we've added password reset a while back and made it easier to see, thanks to your feedback!

Justin Ferriman

Hey Dave-

Thanks for the post. From a LearnDash standpoint, early 2014 is going to make some more progress in this area. In general, I believe that the industry is *just* starting to pick up momentum in the learning record store area, certainly given the number of new entrants coming into this space.

I think the entire Tin Can (Experience) API front is poised to gain quite a bit of traction this year, as a great deal of 2013 was spent tweaking & refining. We can't forget either that the official release of Tin Can is not even a year old (that comes in April)


Scott Kaye

Just starting to get my head around project tincan. From what I am able to see from a cost perspective, the Grassblade LRS (https://www.nextsoftwaresolutions.com/grassblade-lrs-experience-api/) seems to be the most cost effective solution with a worldpress LMS plugin. One fee for unlimited statements. I am just about to give it a shot. Anyone else using this setup and care to share some insight? 

steve carlson

Yes, we have purchased and downloaded the GrassBlade LRS. I have been watching this space for a while, both LearnDash and GrassBlade. They both seem very responsive to questions and scuh. I have had to take time on other projects for a little while, but I will be getting back to GrassBlade LRS this week. So far, though, it has worked well with our experiments. I will know more in the days to come.

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