Tin Can + multiple results slides?

Hey heroes, I need someone to save me!

We've recently made the move to a new LMS. The old one did not support Tin Can, and we have found that assessment analysis is much cleaner and more readable using Tin Can.

So we've basically republished our entire catalog from SCORM to Tin Can during the LMS transition. We thought things were cool, but then...

A large number of our courses contain topical quizzes. Each topic has it's own quiz and results slide, and once every topic is complete, one final results slide aggregates the others for an overall completion.

This has worked well in SCORM, but in Tin Can, our LMS is reporting overall completion after just one topic is complete, even though we've chosen the appropriate final results slide during publishing.

What we don't know is: Does the problem lie within Storyline's Tin Can publishing, or with how our LMS is handling it?

It works properly with SCORM, but it would be a shame to have to republish 100 courses again. :(

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