Tin Can producing huge PNG image files

Any insight on this would be amazing.

When exporting to Tin Can, all of the images (including JPG) in a course are being converted to PNG files that are substantially larger, making the course unusable.

For example, one 517KB JPG image is being converted into a 3MB PNG file.

Changing optimization settings has no effect. When I export images from the media library to disk, they are all as expected (JPG, much smaller image size).


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Gabe Harper

Hi Lauren,

This was replicated by your support staff and confirmed as a "potential bug".

I have checked in a few times, and five weeks later have no update.

This is a critical bug for us - completely breaking Tin Can publishing. We can't produce files with 2-3MB images on every slide. We have a large volume of content, and manually editing hundreds of images is not possible.

What can you do to help get this issue the attention it needs? I have contacted support again for another update, but so far don't know if it's even being addressed or an ETA. If this bug continues through April it's going to be a serious problem here. :(

Thank you for any assistance you can provide.

Lauren Connelly

Hi Gabe!

I'm sorry this is affecting your workflow! I see that Ronaziel has been working with you in your support case and logged this as a software bug. After logging this as a software bug, we now determine the impact and the priority of the bug. Here's our process on how we tackle software bugs. I don't have an exact ETA to share as to when we will be ready to ship a fix for this bug. We'll continue updating you in your support case.

Gabe Harper

Hi Lauren,

I REALLY hate being that guy, but it has been over two months since this bug was reported without any information at all on its resolution.

Tin Can publishing is broken. Anybody who is currently using Tin Can with Storyline 360 and has any images cropped/edited in Storyline is producing modules with huge, unoptimized PNG source images.

We still haven't heard any update on development progress, or seen any kind of notice from Articulate to their users that they might be producing modules that have 2-3MB+ image files.

There have been three build releases since this bug was reported. Please advise.

Thank you

Ren Gomez

Hi Gabe,

I appreciate the follow-up, and I see where you reached out to my teammate, Ronaziel, on this issue as well.

As she mentioned, we're working to prioritize this bug and are careful not to put other features at risk as we do so. I'll team up with her to continue to advocate on your behalf for this and reach back out when there's news to share!