Tin Can to Scorm Cloud, not tracking time


I've now tested a few Storyline courses published to Tin Can. Scorm Cloud is only registering a time if the session marks a completion, otherwise it is always showing zero seconds. Once the course marks completion, it sends the session time, so the total time is inaccurate (it's just that session time). I have also testing this from other authoring tools with success, so it is indicating it's a bug with Storyline. Publishing to Scorm works correctly.

I'm using Storyline 1 V8, has anyone else seen this issue?


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Andrew Downes

Hi Geordie,

Storyline 1 was one of the first tools to adopt Tin Can, leading the way and actually adopting well before version 1 of the standard was released. Unfortunately the Tin Can tracking hasn't been updated since then and since it was such as early version being adopted, best practices and ways of doing things hadn't been ironed out yet and what you're experiencing is a result of that. 

Storyline 2 appears to have completely re-written Tin Can support and uses version 1 of the specification. I am aware some users have had issues with this version 2 so I don't know if it'll solve your particular issue, but it's definitely a better choice than Storyline 1 for Tin Can. The Storyline 2 wrapper code is also a lot clearer, so if you know JavaScript and wanted to edit and improve the Tin Can tracking yourself, it's a much better starting point. I made a start on that process here, but it needs a lot more work. 

Attempt vs. session duration tracking has been a thorny issue for a number of authoring tools and apparently was done badly in SCORM too. I've got a series of blogs due out on the subject hopefully this month which should help authoring tools like Storyline to send better data and also includes tips for LMS like SCORM Cloud to better handle bad data. The blogs will be published here and will be accompanied by some updated prototypes

As I work with Rustici Software (the company that makes SCORM Cloud, though I don't work directly with Cloud personally and can't speak for the Cloud team) I'm hoping that we can get some of that implemented for customers like you who are struggling. Please feel free to raise a ticket at support@scorm.com and include a link to this forum post so the guys can get the background. 

Do you have any questions about any of that?


Geordie Oxley

Hello Andrew

Thanks for your detailed response. I have tried a trial of Storyline2 and it doesn't appear to be any better, time is still not tracking. I wont be upgrading unless they sort out these bugs. These are not issues I have encountered with Lectora, therefore it really does point to what Storyline is doing rather than what ScormCloud is reporting. I don't think there is an issue there.