tin can vs scorm


Having trouble publishing for tin can.

I have published two courses and tested on


The scorm version works fine , the tin can not. It has worked previously before the new update 6.

I have attached 2 screenshots of scorm and tin can output.

Can anyone tell me if all items are there in tin can output? Seems a bit sparse

Thanks, mark



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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Mark and welcome to Heroes!

If you're publishing for LMS, I'd suggest testing the course within an LMS environment as Tempshare is designed for testing web published content. You could use a site like SCORM Cloud which is an industry standard for testing SCORM content and you can also test Tin Can content there as well.

I suspect you're looking to use Tin Can so that you can use the mobile player, and first you'll want to confirm whether your LMS supports Tin Can. There is more information in this article about publishing for HTML5 or the mobile player, or both. If your LMS doesn’t require a login, your learners might be able to use the Articulate Mobile Player. If your LMS requires a login, learners might not be able to use the Articulate Mobile Player, because browsers cannot pass security credentials to iPad apps unless the LMS supports Tin Can API. You'll need to test your published output in your particular LMS environment if you plan to allow viewing in Articulate Mobile Player.

Ali Goulet

Hi BK!

What are the current settings you're using when publishing and what's happening when you try to view your course on an iPad?

If you want to utilize the Articulate Mobile Player app through an LMS, you'll need to publish for Tin Can API. SCORM and AICCC are not supported for tracking in the Articulate Mobile Player and many times will not be viewable through it, either. You'll also want to make sure you're running the latest update for Storyline 2, update 11, as support for iOS 9 and later was added in a recent update. 

If you're having trouble launching the course in the Articulate Mobile Player even when publishing using Tin Can API on the latest update, your LMS may not yet support private content authorization for mobile apps. Use either of the following options to correct it:

Otherwise, you can also choose not to have it run in the Articulate Mobile Player on an iPad by unchecking that option but keeping the option to include the HTML5 output checked. This will force the course to launch in a browser window on the iPad rather than in the Articulate Mobile Player. You don't need to choose Tin Can if you go this route, as SCORM and AICC are also both viewable and trackable in a browser. 

Hope that helps clarify a bit. Please let me know if you have further questions! :)

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi BK,

With Tin Can published content you can view it in the mobile player if your course is hosted in an LMS that requires login.

If you don't host your course in an LMS or don't use one that required a login, you can either publish for Web or with the other SCORM options within LMS publishing to allow users to access it on a Mobile device.

Ali Goulet

Hey BK!

In addition to what Ashley detailed above, a fellow coworker just shared this article on the differences between SCORM, AICC, and Tin Can with me that may be of interest to you and help you decide which would be best for your needs. Learning some new things myself while reading it currently :) 

Ali Goulet

Hi BK,

To be honest, I'm not sure about this one. I did find this thread where the same question was posed. A few users said they heard it was on the roadmap but it doesn't look like it was confirmed whether they've implemented support for it yet. I'd recommend reaching out to Cornerstone for more information. There's also this thread with a whole lot of Cornerstone users involved and possibly subscribed, you may find that to be a helpful resource for Cornerstone information.