TinCan API?

OK, hopefully someone can help.

I need to provide a "SCORM" file (TinCan?) to a customer overseas. They load it onto their LMS and it pulls the content from my LMS in the UK.

The SCORM file that I provide I think needs to be TinCan with a URL pointing to the content on my LMS/Server - but how do I know what the URL should be if I'm publishing this as a new course?

Bit confused here...

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Nick Garrod

Thanks for your reply. I've developed the content in Storyline 360. I need to output the file (SCORM/AICC/TINCAN) to provide to a company overseas. They asked me to provide a "SCORM" file that then pulls the content from my server in the UK (via an API). If I provide them with the full SCORM then they have all the content to run locally which is not what I want. Do you know what I need to provide and how?

Daniel Servan

Hi Nick,

Please ask your client what SCORM Version they are using, either SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2014.
You need to publish AICC and Tin Can API as well.

You can't package an all in one that caters all. It should be...

1 package for SCORM 1.2
1 package for SCORM 2004
1 package for AICC
1 package for Tin Can API

Nick Garrod

OK - maybe I'm not clear.

My customer is in another country. I'm in the UK.

They have an LMS. They have asked me for a file that allows them, similar to SCORM, to create a course on their LMS and upload the file. The file "runs" on their LMS, but rather than contain all the course content like a SCORM file would, it contains files and a URL to "pull" the content from my LMS in the UK. Does that make sense? What do I need to provide them?


Paul Schneider

Nick, what they are asking isn't possible via a SCORM package with Storyline.  There are a couple tools out there that have an option like you describe that can do that - but since they are not Storyline, really not right for this forum (but ping me if you want to discuss further).

If they can take xAPI - which they aren't saying they can (you need an LRS or an LMS with LRS in it).  With an xAPI package you can host the content on a web server and point it to another system.  So you can more easily do the semblance of what is being asked. With Storyline you may need to do some manual post publish configuratiuon (depenending on what is needed). Save yourself some effort though and find out exactly what they need first before you go to far down that road.

Another option might be AICC which ironically allows you to host content remotely more easily.