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Joshua Dunbar

Hi Maria!

When you use the "Track using number of slides viewed" option for a Tin Can it will report a 'completed' status in lieu of a failed/passed status as there are no quizzes to track scores for.  If you can please expound upon what you are ideally looking to track on these non-quiz Tin Cans I might be able to make a suggestion. 

Storyline 360 and Rise don't track video completion activity at this time, however, they are able to send the following activities: 

- Module Completion
- Scored or Survey questions
- Objectives
- Course Completion (i.e. got through all or certain number of slides)

Here is some general information on Tin Can Activity Types

Some alternatives/workarounds to consider:

- Would requiring the learner to view the video in its entirety help? If so you can easily do this by setting it up as a required block.

- If you were looking to track custom variables outside the activities outlined above we do have a method outlined here - although this is for numerical, text variables or T/F; this is not something that could be added to a video. 

Hope this was helpful!