Tiny Blank Boxes Appearing in Corner of Images

One of our browser testers found an issue that appears to only be happening on iOS devices (iOS 8 & 9) while viewing HTML5 output. The course uses images formatted with the "Moderate Frame, White" Picture Style, which are displaying with a tiny square missing out of the upper left-hand corner.

I'm attaching a screenshot -- please ignore the redacted black boxes.

I understand this has happened o n a couple of past projects within my team, but I don't see any mention of this in the forums.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Michael -- Sorry to see you are experiencing this issue! Have you had an opportunity to review this information on Unexpected or Erratic Behavior in SL2? And also, can you please confirm that you are seeing the same behavior when you test your course in the intended environment? If you would like to share your file, I would be happy to do some testing on my iOS devices. 

Michael Jones

Correction, these are appearing in the HTML5 output on all devices. I'm also noticing some other anomalies that we didn't see in the first module of this course.

They include:

  • Wipe transitions defaulting back to entering from the bottom
  • Lack of formatting in the Slide Notes pane -- primarily missing line breaks/empty lines
  • Markers set to "audio only" are sometimes showing the text that should be hidden
  • Marker audio playing over each other when clicked in rapid succession 
Christie Pollick

Hi, Michael -- Thank you for the updated details and if you'd like to share your file here in the thread, we'd be happy to take a look and test for you. Or, if you need immediate assistance, please feel free to use this form to reach out to our Support Engineers and I will be on the lookout for your case to follow along with their progress. 

Michael Jones

Hi Christie,

I have seen both articles before. And the behavior is occurring while we are testing from a web-server, but this will eventually be uploaded into Articulate Online by the client. We don't have access to their account to use for testing purposes.

I really doubt it's an issue with my installation. I've been working on this file for weeks and the first module in the course is virtually a mirror image of the same type of features/interactivity. We didn't see any of these issues in previous rounds of QA testing for the HTML5 output.

The flash version performs perfectly, it's just the HTML5 output on this particular version of this file.

Michael Jones

I've gone ahead and done a completely fresh install of Storyline 2 on my machine, republished, and the HTML5 output is still showing all of the aforementioned issues.

I also got permission from our client, and have submitted a support case. Here are the details:

Case Number: 00691117
Reference ID: ref:_00D30Txo._50033qknzH:ref